Thursday, August 17

NSA Wiretaps Unconstitutional

I have not had a chance to read all 44 pages of the .pdf, but I found this article, on, quite interesting.

A U.S. District Judge has struck down the National Security Agency’s warrentless wiretapping (and electronic surveillance) program, which was said to be a violation of privacy. Furthermore, she states:
The president of the United States ... has undisputedly violated the Fourth in failing to procure judicial orders.


Paul said...

So does that mean we can start planning our impeachment-watching TV time on C-Span? I hope so...

Stephen R. Moore said...

Hello Paul,
I never thought we would see this. I am all for making sure the good guys have all the needed tools and access to fight crime, terror, ect; however, I wonder what this will mean for ongoing investigations!?