Thursday, September 14

SANS Chicago

SANS Chicago is only a couple of days away - I cannot wait!

I just spoke with Scott Weil, Program Director, to verify some event details. It seems the evening labs have been canceled due to Micro Closing at 6:00 PM each night and they also load us down with books.

I am headed from Indianapolis to Chicago by train and have reserved a bunk at the local Hostel about a mile away from the training facility. As this event is being completely financed by Steve Moore Inc., being frugal was of high importance (anyone who has purchased SANS training will know what I am talking about).

FYI, the train is ~ $40 US round trip and the Hostel is $28 a night. Compared to $140 a night for a hotel, plus parking.

I will do my best to report to the blog each night and share what was learned in my GSEC training.

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