Sunday, December 17

Legal Aspects of Computer Security and Information Privacy

Last week I registered for my last class at Capitol College. My thirty fourth, fifth, and sixth credits will come from IAE-671, Legal Aspects of Computer Security and Information Privacy.

Two of the texts are: No Place to Hide and Darknet : Hollywood's War Against the Digital Generation (possible yawnsville). The good news is most of our reading is provided via links to PDFs and other online information, hopefully it won't be too dated.

Our professor, David Ward, is an attorney for the Federal Communications Commission and worked on the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).

I have high hopes for this course. It begins the first Wednesday of the new year.

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RestonRenter said...

Hi Stephen... i stumbled upon your blog via Google somehow.

I am a fellow Capitol College student (I was in one of your previous classes). Just thought I'd give you some quick advice on IAE 671 (i squeaked by with an A in the course).

The best thing you can do for the course is to skip his asynch readings that he posts. They won't help you on the tests; they serve as references for future endeavors, so just save them. Read the books (or don't) for enjoyment, they aren't on the tests either.

It's actually a fairly enjoyable course (if you like law) and Prof. Ward isn't difficult at all.

Good Luck and Congrats.. you are almost done!

- Tom