Saturday, December 23

Republican Aide Tries to Hire Hackers

Yesterday, /. posted news about a Republican Aide that wanted hire hackers to change his grades. Let me lead off by saying I do not care about political affiliation or even the fact this is a government employee. So what? Not my blog.

I will assume this guy had a bad G.P.A and was looking to get into a good grad program at Foo U. I do think it is interesting he went to Texas Christian University, whose mission is evidently not shared by at least one of their former students.
Our Mission
To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.
Anyway, enough of that stuff. Let's get on with the humor!

Take a moment and read the entire email thread from the fine people at Trust me, it is worth it. Here is also the link to the Network World news article.

I loved the humor factor - rot 26 is some pretty serious stuff! I remember a rot 13 question in the text "Puzzles for Hackers", and who asks for photos of pigeons or squirrels? Classic. Who doesn't love a squirrel? Thanks to this email thread a new form of squirrel authentication has been born! Thank you squirrels!

A bit more on my above reference to rot 13 / 26.
Check out here.
They also have a calculator of sorts here.
With rot 13 the letter "a" would equal "n", "b" is "o", and so on. If you think about it, rot 26 would start you right back at the beginning. "a" to "n" and back to "a" -- thus the humor.

In short, rot 13 is a prepackaged Caesar-cypher with a known jump of 13 places.

I seriously wish they would have asked for a photo of a horned frog.

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