Monday, January 15

Passed the GIAC GSEC

I passed both of my exams for the GIAC GSEC! I am now GSEC number 7131. Passing both exams qualifies a candidate for the GSEC Silver certification.

After passing the exams, there is an option to "Go Gold" where you complete a written practical on a selected security topic. Over the next several weeks, I will select a topic and proceed with the Gold Certification.

Despite the cost of the training, the entire experience was very well worth it. The content of the training material was top notch, the instruction was great, and the trip to Chicago was an event in itself.

Around three months ago, I accepted a new position with my currently employer on our network security team. Going for the cert (I had not passed the exams at that point in time) and knowing I paid out of pocket, showed the interviewers I was truly interested and committed to the field of information security. In this instance, certification mattered.

For those that can attend, I highly recommend the training.

See my scores here.
Search for others with the GSEC here.


Didier Stevens said...

Congrats Steve, SANS certs are in high regard.

I'm also looked at SANS training, but it will be for next year. This year, I'm going to Black Hat Europe 2007.


Stephen R. Moore said...

Thank you Didier.

I still think I am going to "go gold" on the gsec, or maybe do a paper on another one of their certs --- not sure just yet.

What class will you be taking at BHE 2007?

Wayne said...

Did you finish your "Gold" requirement?

I earned a "GOLD" a few years back before that broke it out into distinct levels. I am just beginning my re-certification process, and was considering "going for the gold" again and just wanted to hear about your experience.