Wednesday, February 14

(IN)SECURE - February 2007

Check out the February edition of (IN)SECURE magazine.

I still haven't had time to dig in, but this edition may have some promise. The spyware, infosec career, and vista article are of interest.

Also, was it just me, or did the RSA conference get even more press this year than last?

I must say I feel terrible. As I said last night, I had not had a chance to completely read the entire publication. It turns out I skipped over and left out a friend and colleague, Mr. Didier Stevens. Take a look at his article on ROT13 and its use in Windows XP, then go visit his personal blog here.

By the way, I love ROT13, which I talked about earlier in a light hearted post "Republican Aide Tries to Hire Hackers" here.

Additionally, I saw that Didier was "Dugg" on Digg for his work on "Reverse Engineering Mentoring" found here.


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