Monday, August 13

Information Security Decisions - Chicago

Over November 5th and 6th I will be attending Information Security Decisions 2007 in Chicago.

View the Information Security Decisions site here. They note "No sales pitches disguised as content!" Let's hope.

Information Security Decisions has posted a "Top 10 reasons to attend" list. You can read it here.

Here are my top reasons to go:
  1. Ask Bruce Schneier about Alice and Bob.
  2. Meet other security nerds (hopefully some chisec people).
  3. Win the CTS.
  4. Learn something new.
  5. Enjoy a nice nerd vacation and some Chicago-land food.
  6. Stay in the $33 a night hostel (visited for SANS Chicago in 06).
Please note, you must be approved for admission (you must work in security and sometimes buy things). Also, and this is very important, this is a free event, but if you register and do not show up --- it is $195.

Taken from the registration email:
NOTE: Once your application has been approved we will call you to confirm your attendance. Information Security Decisions is free to all attendees....
All Information Security Decisions delegates are required to reserve their conference seat by providing a valid credit card, which will not be charged.

However, if you do not call ahead to cancel or simply do not show up on November 5th, you will be charged $195 to cover the costs we incur for your attendance (meals, proceedings, etc.). This policy allows you to display your commitment to ....

I will be staying at the Hostel located just down the street. It is quite nice and would remind you of a dorm room (in fact part of the building is just that). The price is $33 a night.
  • View photos of the hostel here.
  • HI (Hostels International) Chicago site here.
  • View a map from the Hostel to the event Hotel here.
I have three open seats in my car. I will cover gas, but would appreciate help with the parking costs. I will be going up Sunday night and plan on leaving Tuesday evening after dinner.

Contact me if you are seriously interested.


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