Sunday, November 4

Linked Armor

Allen and I are starting a business. This is our logo.


Thanks to Brian (fellow IndySec-r), I will be going to shmoocon. As you may know, tickets can be difficult to acquire. Let me know if you plan on attending.

The date for the event is Feb 15 -17th.

Thanks again Brian.



Ok. Things have been crazy; let me share.

I just finished co-authoring SANS SEC 540 VoIP Security with Raul Siles and Dr. Eric Cole. Eric will be teaching the inaugural course at the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2007 in December.

The course is very lab intensive, so be ready (you won't be getting out of class early). I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, November 1

SANS Chicago 2007

Headed to Chicago for SANS SEC 503 intrusion detection in-depth. I love Chicago and 503 was next on my list, so it worked out well.

Many things going on of late. Blog is suffering. I just finished a major project (will write more about it later), so things on the blog front should improve a little.

This has become somewhat of a pilgrimage of sorts, as I took the 401 class in Chicago this same time last year.

IDS here I come.